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High Pressure Lamps Chart

Future Code Watts Volts Style Application
  BFA1000W/230 1000 230 wire 1000w 200v wire X-long (UltraSun)
  BFA1000P/230 800-1000 230 plug 800-1000watt plugin (SunGate, UWE)
  BFA1000W/230 800-1000 230 wire 800-1000watt wire (SunStorm, Orbit)
  BFA1000W/380 1000 380 wire 1000watt 380v (Ultrabronze)
  BFA1510B/230 1510 230 blade 1510watt blade plugin (Sportorado)
  BFA1530P/230 1530 230 pin 1530watt pin (Sportorado)
  BFA1400W/230 1400 230 wire 1400watt wire (Isolight Italia)
  BFA2000W/230 2000 230 wire 2000watt 200v wire (face tanners)
  BFA2000W/380 2000 380 wire 2000watt 380v wire (Omega)
  BFA400C/230 400 230 clip 400watt clip all applications
  BFA400PLUSC/230 400 230 clip 400watt+/500watt applications
  BFA400PLUSW/230 400 230 wire 400watt+/500watt wire applications
  BFA500P/230 300-500 230 plug 300-500watt plugin (ACN & Ergoline)
  BFA610B/230 610 230 blade 610watt blade plugin (Sportorado)
  BFA630P/230 630 230 pin 630watt pin (Sportorado)
  BFA620W/230 620 230 wire 620watt wire Isolight Italia)
  BFA650P/230 400-650 230 plug 400-650watt plugin (FutureSun HP body)
  BFA650W/230 400-650 230 wire 400-650watt wire (Elixir, SunMagnum)
  BFA750P/230 500-750 230 plug 500-700watt plugin (Sunvitale & Diva)
  BFA800C/230 800 230 clip 800watt clipin(Atlantis, Diva)

High Pressure Lamps

AUVL is the originator and innovator of High Pressure lamps. Our HP lamps are renowned for their unrivaled output and consistent performance. They use the highest quality quartz glass and yield the highest MW/CM2 output and speaking of "high", this is right where we set the standards for all our lamps-way up there above the rest of the industry.

Low Pressure Tanning Bed Lamps

With AUVL's undisputed know-how in various fields of technology, sunlamp production and modern equipment design complement each other. We not only know everything about sunlamps as an OEM of sunbeds since the early 1970's, we also know all about the ambient and operational conditions that ensure optimum efficiency. With our lamp products, high-quality standards are a given. A well-implemented control system ensures that our customers all over the world get the performance and quality that they expect from our products.

AUVL X-Treme Tanning Bed Lamps are designed to suit the needs of all tanning systems worldwide, and offer a complete product range of carefully engineered sunlamps for face and body. AUVL's undisputed experience in the field of UV technology, our state-of-the-art production facilities and use of superior components ensure that our tanning bed bulbs are the finest available.

Developed for the professional tanning industry, AUVL's salon-optimized lamps keep you in a class above your competition, while stringent quality control ensures our customers world-wide consistently receive a reliable and exceptional product.

Tanning Bed Lamps for a Quality Tan

AUVL offers the complete range of low-pressure tanning bed lamps to assure a quality tan each and every time. Peak performance in spectral range allows our tanning bed light bulbs to efficiently deliver a deep dark tan, a well-balanced UVA/UVB ratio for immediate results, a wide range of different phosphors, and longer-than-normal lamp life.

AUVL X-Treme Vertical lamp construction is optimized for stand-up applications. We have incorporated a unique combination of stem mounts, creating a longer arc length and increasing the UV tanning output by 5%. In addition, the lamp filament/mount construction generates upward heat and airflow cooling patterns, which minimizes end blackening and extends lamp life by 10%.

For those who want a Premium Series lamp with a bit more UVB, we offer Premium VXR Plus tanning bed lamps. They give the desired faster tanning response, along with better value, and lower price that are customary with this product line.